excerpt from interview 1

You have said that Heartbreak Pass consists of three volumes representing two lives for 30 years. Can you elaborate on the structure of the album?

The advent of these volumes lies in their particular cluster. Volume 1 begins the album for the first four songs. A louder volume with intended abandon. A lesser than… A buoyancy… A happiness.

The next four songs represent the second volume at a steadier pace. Pressing forward. Quieter and more understated with hidden strengths. Pedal steel alerts the listener to what they now call ‘Americana’ as well as a directness in lyrics. A clarity.

The final seven tracks lie in volume 3. This is really how the album first started being recorded, songs within a whisper. The heart in turmoil between the worlds at hand. A hushed tone, a moan, dangerously close to a sophistication. A ponder, a prayer… something down there under the surface layer.

How would you describe the atmosphere of Heartbreak Pass?

Worthy of a breadth.


the little 3

some inquisitive folks are concerned with the pesky lil 3 now adorning the giant³ sand brand. well folks,as near as I can tell, it manifested itself for 3 reasons:

1) the band becomes giant giant giant sand on a coupla tracks .. 20 members strong with attached gospel choir. 
2) there are 3 volumes of work on this album. 
3) the name now tips its hat to the previous 3 decades of existence 

it's an exponential thing .. 
and I think that's why 

your pal,
howe³ gelb

boggle blog

Of being in a band, there's a rare magnificence in such camaraderie that's provided a splendor in these operations. A severe joy to be making this thing we eventually call a 'music' with all those that have peopled this posse along the way. Herein lies a soundtrack attached to said clustering where the workload provides the grand excuse for vital visitation. And no matter how subliminally encoded, it's also a time for us here scouting up ahead to report back to those in earshot, those who've not yet had the spoink of running into these eventualities, be it celebrational or confrontational. All those included here through the decades have made the journey worthwhile and something to cherish during this life lived between a kiss goodbye and the welcome home hug. None of it is easy except for the momentary spark within the eternal song.


And so after 30 years of attempting this thing, I thank you for your consideration, your allowance.. . and maybe more than that, your patience. From my heart to yours, thank you ...

It's been a severe pleasure.

- x O w e